For Sale

I try to find good quality furniture in poor state
and refinish them with lots of attention and love.
I strongly believe up-cycling old furniture is better for the environment.
If many people start to buy them,
imagine how it can have an impact on deforestation and reducing landfills!
I try to make every piece special, one of a kind gem,
would you like to own one (or two)? :)

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then you'll see my updates and sneak peeks quicker than the blog :)

Currently for sale:

Antique Buffet : Sold


French inspired desk: Sold

Paris Shabby Chic Side Table : Sold

Pretty in Pink Dresser : $280

French Poem Serpentine Dresser: $495

Chandelier Side Table: Sold

Super Cute Shabby Chic Rose Accent Table : Sold


Beautiful 9 drawer Dresser with mirror: $520

~~~How to care for them~~~

My furniture is finished with protective coating (usually Poly) and /or hand waxed,
unless otherwise stated.
Taking care of them is pretty easy, clean with soft dry (or dump) cloth
once in a while should be sufficient.
Small scratches can usually be sanded away with 0000steel wool or
 high grit sand paper (320 grit and up), but please be gentle with it,
you don't want to further scratch it, then followed by wax is very ideal.
If you feel the finish started to look dull,
waxing will bring back its beautiful shine.
Most of all, I hope you will enjoy my furniture as much as I enjoy creating them!

I live in north Surrey, BC, Canada.
if you're interested in viewing my furniture,
or have any questions,please email me. 

Local pick up, cash only, all sales final please.
Delivery can be arranged depends on a location for a fee.

Thank you so much!!


  1. Hi!!!!

    You've done a beautiful job on these pieces!!!


  2. lovely work. I wish that end table were green instead of blue. Then it would have been perfect for me.

  3. Thank you ace baker!
    Wish we can just “edit” colors like photo shop,then you can have green end table in no time, too bad that’s not the case with

    Have a great rest of the week!