Sold items

Pictures of the furniture happily found a new home :)
Thank you so much to all the people who have added my furniture into their lives!!

This set was sold to a movie set!!!
Taken Back~Finding Haley~



  1. It all looks fabulous. Nice that you have such good luck selling your pieces, actually its not luck.. its talent!

    1. Oh thank you!
      It's such an encouragement for me that people like what I do :)

  2. Hi, I am new to the world of blogging this is my first week actually, I have just spent the last hour enjoying looking at your make-overs, they are really lovely, and great colours too. thanks for sharing..
    Best wishes

    1. Hi Rae, thank you for stopping by and welcome to the world of blogging,I hope you'll have fun!!
      I'm glad you enjoyed my work :)

      Take care and have a wonderful week!!

  3. Hi Sayuri!!!

    You're a very talented person!!! The furniture redo's are amazing!!!! I've just wanted to
    do something like this (Not for selling, but for myself) and wonder if it takes a great deal
    of time?

    I've worked on redoing furniture before, but, it was such a long time ago.

    I really enjoy your work of art!!!


    1. Thank you Pam!!

      I love furniture redoing, for me it's the best job (hobby) in the world :)
      It takes some time to do it as it involves some stages like prepping ( including stripping, sanding, filling dents and so on),painting ( often more than one coat),then finishing(sanding,applying Poly or any kinds of sealing if you'd like and waxing).
      If you enjoy doing it then the whole process will be a pleasure.

      Happy painting,I hope you'll find it rewarding:)